Monday, March 14, 2011

More Food Photography Links

Here are a few more food photography links
Jenn Cuisine this one is in my favorite blogs list
Food bloggers Unite
FoodGawker this is a recipe site with lots of amazing food photos
Learn Food Photography

I've got a lot to learn. Every year I try to either learn more about a current interest or take on a new one. I haven't got room in my house and I have too many 'works in Progress' to take on another interest. So I am going to learn more about photography.
I had a hunt through my photos to find one I liked and here it is.

I used this photo for a post on Poaching. A Challenge with Daring Kitchen.

I remember I took a dozen photos before I got close to one I liked. I took this on the kitchen table in good light, it was December and well to be truthful I got lucky. Now that I am reading up on the subject I can see why I like the photo. The light is good, the plate colour complements the food and I took out the busy tablecloth that was in the background.
I can't work out how to take good close ups with my current camera. I am really looking forward to getting that new one. I have a friend who knows someone who may be able to get me one wholesale. Yay for saving some money. With the new camera in hand I am going to have some lessons and take a lot more photos.

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