Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breakfast Cake

Sometimes you just want a simple something that is quick and easy. Today is one of those days. I am home alone. I like to be home alone. I don't have any sound on I like the house to be quiet. I did some washing, relaxed with the latest Anne Bishop. It's an anthology of Black Jewels stories. So about 1 pm I figured I really needed something to eat. Yes I hadn't had breakfast and here it was past lunch. I have found when I am home I often don't feel like eating, I am not sure why this. When I am at work I have to concentrate on not eating or I would eat all day.
So on my way to having some cheese and biscuits and an apple I spotted some bacon I bought a couple of days ago. Better eat that I thought. I did toy with the idea of a Bacon Lettuce and tomato sandwich, No lettuce.
Bacon and Eggs, definite possibility. Thats when I remembered a concoction I came up with last year. At that time I was on my way to making omelettes for my self and The Husband when I realized that I only had 4 eggs.
That resulted in "The BreakFast Cake"
The original breakfast cake is a cross between an omelette and a pancake.

Equipment required
frypan - 1 person uses a 15 cm pan for 2 a 30 cm pan
cutting board


Serves 1 person (for 2 people double all the quantities)
2 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup self raising flour (or 1/2 cup plain flour and 1 teaspoon baking powder)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
3 rashers of bacon - rinds off and sliced up into strips
1 tablespoon of chopped green herbs of your own choice. I used parsley and oregano. I also use chives sometimes but I was too lazy to walk down to the garden and get some.
1 tomato - diced
1/4 cup grated cheese.
You can add whatever else you like in an omelette.


Beat the eggs, milk and flour together until smooth.
Fry the bacon in the oil until cooked and crispy.
Sprinkle over the tomato and herbs.
Pour the batter over the bacon etc and cook over medium heat until it has bubble all over like a pancake.
Turn off the heat and sprinkle over the cheese and put the whole thing in its pan under a medium heat griller and leave there until the cheese is browned and the top of the cake is cooked.
Eat it straight away with some salad or homemade tomato chutney

The result is an easy tasty all in one meal. Enjoy.

Please send me a photo if you make this and remember if you use my recipes or content I think it is good manners to link back to my blog. I have noticed that someone did use one of my techniques and didn't bother to link back to me. They, who shall remain nameless, has a very popular blog and many followers. I know I do not have many followers and my blog is not as widely read however good manners is still good manners and copyright is still copyright. I do not mind if soemone uses my recipes for private use, or passes them on to others for private use. Any other use is not permitted. One day I might write that cook book and I don't want others using my recipes for their cookbooks.

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Jules Woolford said...

Scrummy Peta. I have a baked souffle omelette recipe I made that's a bit similar, so will give yours a try.