Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Food

The cooking is done. The house smells amazing. The last batch of almond gingerbread has just come out of the oven.

The pudding is cooked and on the plate. I will leave it there covered overnight. As it is going to be 29° C here tomorrow it will be fine cold with hot custard.

The mince tarts are just out of the oven as we speak. I had run out of enthusiasm by the time I got to them and just used some filo out of the freezer and made a dozen.

They look a bit overdone but that is my camera in fact they look delicious.
The rest of the fruit is in the fridge for another time. The kids, apart from the youngest, will have been to at least one other Christmas Family meal by the time they get to us and probably won't be that hungry.
The fruitcake is made and the summer pudding is setting nicely. I made two lots of ice cream. Vanilla with nutella ripple and toasted hazelnuts and the second batch is vanilla raspberry ripple. The first lot is egg less for Troy but the second batch is cholesterol city and tastes amazing. I am going to do a whole post on ice cream soon, recipes then I promise. I also have mango sorbet and coconut/apple sorbet in the freezer. doesn't every house have four types of frozen dessert. There will be custard and cream too.
The meat is defrosting in the bar fridge. Greg went out to the vegie patch tonight and dug potatoes and everything else is waiting to be prepared tomorrow. Santa has been and like so many men, ate his cookies and left the washing up. The Christmas tree is practically buried in presents. Is it going overboard to buy half a dozen presents for a baby that isn't going to be born until late March. I don't think so. Don't ask me how many I bought for the granddaughters I didn't count. I just have to find a big empty box now. Christmas tradition in our house is to unwrap everything and then make balls of the paper and see who has the best aim.
We will be having a great day and I send happy Christmas thoughts and love to you all praying your day will be the same.

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Jules Woolford said...

My mouth is watering! Have a great Christmas Peta!