Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love at First Bite - Sweet Adventures

Don't panic I am not about to review some sort of vampire romance. I am going to share with you Sweet Adventures . This is the name given to the bloghop started by a group of 4 sharing, wonderful, weight increasing (mine, not theirs) women. Damn them all. (Not really who doesn't love food porn).
"When Jen Le Delicieux, JJ 84th & 3rd, Christina Hungry Australian, Heather Kitchen Crusader and I were chatting one evening about a blog hop, we had no idea it could turn in to Sweet Adventures."
That's  how Nic of Dining with a Stud put it.

Interested??? I was. I didn't go in any of the previous hops due to firstly not knowing and then last month, when I did know, I was in the middle of the DIET and not game to cheat at all. This month I am 8 kilos down and running - well learning how to run safely. This means running a bit, then walking and gasping for air, then running again. It works, you can read about that on my other blog under the posting Run, Fat Bitch, Run

Any way back to Sweet Adventures and 'Love at First Bite'.

Ever stuck something in your mouth and thought  - after some stunned seconds - 'I don't ever need to have sex again!!! I just need to eat this regularly instead'. Or thought 'Oh thank you GOD for giving me this'.

You have to think all these things because you can't risk opening your mouth and loosing a crumb of this miracle you are eating.

I have, we all have. That's the theme/challenge that the wonderful bloggers want us to share on the Blog hop at Sweet Adventures.

Want to join up or look at the previous challenge entries? Last month was Death by Chocolate, December was Festive favorites and November was the great Pavlova Challenge.
Simply click on Sweet Adventures and you are there. Or go to Dining with a Stud for all the details for this month.

I'll be there. I am so in on this. I know just the thing. It's sort of inspired by the Lemon Overload Cake I made for my Daughter-In-Law's  Baby Shower. Only this will be better!!!! Curious? Check back on the 16th of February for the details.

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