Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lazy Sunday Salmon

We've had a lazy Sunday, sort of. O.K. I had planned a lazy Sunday. We started off with the granddaughters for a sleepover. Miss 4 decided at about 7pm last night that she wanted her Mother. After some tears and drama I bribed her with Banana and Blueberry pancakes. It's a simple recipe handed down from both of my grandmothers who, in hindsight, probably didn't like each other as they always called each other Mrs (Insert relevant surname) and while they didn't say anything nasty about each other neither did they have anything good to say.
So breakfast was Banana and Blueberry pancakes with Maple Syrup. I'll give a recipe another time because I didn't take any photos as they disappeared as quick as I made them. Miss 4 told me they weren't real pancakes because I didn't use the shake it up bottle like her mother does???

Then they ran around the back yard like a pair of maniacs while Husband mowed the lawn and I vaccuumed out my car.
After Favorite Son-In-Law picked them up and No 2 Son emerged from his cave (bedroom) we set off to Victor Harbour for lunch with No 1 Son, Favorite Daughter-In-Law and No 1 Grandson.
After a very nice lunch at The Beach House Cafe at Victor Harbour and some quality time with No 1 Grandson oh and his parents we wandered home via the hardware shop and the drive through car wash.

None of us was in the mood for a heavy meal, as I forsaw, so we had the Fresh Salmon I bought yesterday from our local fish shop aptly or ironically (depending on your sense of humour) "The Octupuses Garden".

Fresh Tasmanian Salmon with Warm vegetable and herb salad.

This is one of the simpler meals in my repertoire. Its simplicity is part of its brillance.
So technique - I take whatever vegetables there are in the refrigerator in this case
2 Carrots peeled and sliced
1/2 a red capsicum
1 cup cauliflower florets cut into bits about as big as the capsicum
1 cup broccoli same size bits as the cauliflower
1 zuchinni cut into bits the same size as the carrot
1 cup snow peas broken into 1/3s
1/2 bunch basil leaves stripped and cut into shreds
1 bunch of coriander (cilantro) roots finely chopped and the stems and leaves cut into bits
1 bunch garlic chives cut into 2 cm bits
1 Cup shredded chinese cabbage
1/2 bunch chopped spring onions
Juice of 1 Lemon

I throw the carrot and coriander roots into hot olive oil. At the same time I light the flame under another pan with the oil for the salmon.
I put the capsicum, cauliflower and broccoli into the wok at the same time as I put the salmon into the frying pan. I use a pair of tongs to toss the vegetables. then I put a lid on it so they sort of steam a bit to soften them.
Just before I turn over the salmon I throw the rest of the vegetables and the lemon juice into the wok with 1/2 cup of water and put the lid back on it.
By the time the salmon is cooked the vegetables are ready.
Hot and just cooked as a salad should be. The lemon juice and oil make a great dressing you could drizzle over a bit more olive oil if you wanted too. But I don't, I think it is great the way it is.
Just the right meal to finish off a Not quite as lazy as I wanted Sunday.

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