Thursday, January 6, 2011

Going out to Eat

We went out for lunch yesterday. I had a superior Mediterranean Vegetable and Chicken Salad. I should have taken a photo but I was nearly finished it before I remembered. Well about to give the rest to G as I had eaten all the chicken and he cleaned up the rest.
I devoted some day dreaming time today to where I would really like to have a meal. If I could go anywhere I would go to Bill Jones’s place and let him cook for me. I’d even wash up. It is most likely not the top of most peoples wish list for meals but I really like the man, his cooking and his principles
What does make a great meal. Fantastic food of course but just as importantly is the place and the people. I would love to go to Paris and visit Le Bristol restaurant of chef Éric Frechon. Then on to Bernard Pacaud at Restaurant L'Ambroisie for a 3 Michelin Stars meal or to The Fat Duck Restaurant, so I could sit in the kitchen and watch Heston Blumenthal create and then eat it of course.
Truthfully though if I could choose only one then Vancouver Island here I come. Vancouver Island is one of the places I would most like to go too. I love the sea, the smell of ocean and open space after the rain and of course to just watch the water. A natural extension of that is my deep affection for islands especially when they have great food.
So it is that I will sit here and day dream of winning Lotto or perhaps get a job as a writer for Gourmet Traveller. You know something along the lines of Grey Nomad Travels. Then as soon as possible it will be a plane and off to Vancouver Island and British Columbia. G doesn’t want to go out of Australia so I just have to find someone to tag along with me.

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